Leesburg Baker's Dozen 2009

Had a real good time. I did much better than last year.

I learned my lesson last year from trying to go fast all day in a 13 hour race. Last year my lap times were low to mid 30's. But I got cramps by my 4th lap, and only finished 7 laps total.

This year we did two laps at a time, and that seemed to be better. I also was turning laps in the low 40s. That enabled me to do 9 total. Yueq also got 9 in. Our 18 laps only got us 16th place! The winning team in 2-person male got 25 laps in.


Our campsite was mellow and shady, much improved from last year. I also had my endurolytes with me. What a difference that made.

The race schedule was also better. Although I'm no fan of being out of the house by 0630 on a weekend, I chose to sleep at home in the best bed in the world rather than camp out. That the race was completed by 10pm was nice, it left some time to hang out by the fire. I'll need to bring my own post-ride food next year. Pizza is gross.


Blogger YUEQ said...

I'll bring a lantern to the camp site next year.


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