It keeps getting darker

I was just riding along, and I tried to jump up and over a "little" log. It is probably about 2 ft. high. I made it over, but on the other side there was a branch piece that had previously been part of the ramp to get up to the log. It stopped my front wheel from rolling, and sent me careening into another log that was nearby. I escaped relatively unscathed. Some superficial scrapes on my arm. But this bruise keeps getting darker.

1 day after:

Here it is 3 days after:

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Anonymous Mom said...

OUCH! AH! poor you ... what a boo-boo! TAke care..
McKenna 10 is awesome. Stairway to heaven... love the tile

Blogger BigO said...

Come to N.O. and I'll kiss your Boo Boo and make it all betta. Ha Ha.


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