Ah yes, the Flophouse

I thought of the flophouse today. My former residence. A fabled place. There are many, many stories those smoky walls could tell.

But I started thinking about shows that we had there. Just partial list from off the top of my head:

. Sea Life
. Chef Menteur ( check out the flyer that Alec and Jim kept )
. Nocturnal Transmission
. DJ Chris Barinsfather
. The Rubbermaids
. This bike is a pipe bomb
. The Robinsons
. Veloka ( How many band incarnations of the Dave and Elzy family played FH parties?)
. Point and Click
. Treatus
. The Wontons - ( from Austin )
? fivehead ( did you guys ever actually play there? I remember John stopped by often)

Sorry about the omissions, please add comments to help me remember...

Here are some photos of the Flophouse:


Blogger john said...

sheeeit. i never really appreciated just how nasty that fridge door was until now.

Blogger Crowleigh said...

the fridge was pretty bad. Check out the stairs!


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