Andy and Jessica's Wedding - Monday - Breakfast

Mr and Mrs Bizer:

The rest of the table:

Andy and Jessica's Wedding - Sunday - The reception - First Dance

One of the many great things about this wedding was the musical selection. Wilco, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Big Star were used in the wedding ceremony.

I'm sure that the Rosin-Bizer wedding DVD will be forthcoming. But in the interim, here's a link to Andy and Jessica's first dance.



Won't you let me walk you home from school
Won't you let me meet you at the pool
Maybe Friday I can
get tickets for the dance
and I'll take you
Won't you tell your dad, "Get off my back"
Tell him what we said 'bout 'Paint It Black'
Rock 'n Roll is here to stay
Come inside where it's okay
And I'll shake you.
Won't you tell me what you're thinking of
Would you be an outlaw for my love
If it's so, well, let me know
If it's "no", well, I can go
I won't make you

Andy and Jessica's Wedding - Sunday - The reception

John, enjoying the chocolate fondue desert:

That's my baby:

Andy thanks his cousin for his performance of Volare:

Jacqueline had some bread and wine, too:

Aaron summoned to the dance floor:

Tim, Max, Eve, Barry

Tim might have been drinking:


Andy and Jessica's Wedding - Sunday - The ceremony

Mission complete:

Andy's dad wonders who all these people are:

Andy and Jessica's Wedding - Sunday Breakfast

Sunday Morning we had breakfast at Skyway jacks. Despite being an egg and pork centric place, Jacqueline was able to get grits without butter. The hash browns had pork fat, so they were out.

Aaron was explaining to John on the proper decorum for a place with pigs everywhere.

John decided he'd be a pig, just to fit in. Since he couldn't decide between the Seafood Omelete and the Hobo Hash, he had both:

Andy and Jessica's Wedding - Saturday - Rehersal Dinner

Andy and Aaron at the reherseal dinner:

Jason and Morgan:

Jacqueline and John:

Andy and Jessica with gifts from Andy's parents:

Me doing my best to be funny:

Andy and Jessica's Wedding - Saturday

We arrived in Sarasota, then drove to St. Petersburg.




Another day

The hi-res version is much more striking. Blogger refused to accept a file that large.