I make myself laugh.

I'm not the Rev. Randall Tin Ear. Nor do I write Corporate defense poetry a la Reverand Richard Mackin. Both of whom, if you like to read hilarious stuff, are worthwhile reads. Tin Ear wrote Angry Thorouean, and Mackin has his book of letters, where he writes letters to Lever 2000 asking them to list all the 2,000 parts purported cleanable by their product.

I was going through old papers (2000-2003) and came across this gem. I usually order tea from a company that has an printout of the message in the greeting card. I send myself silly notes, or quote songs I like. I had no idea I would get a hand written note from the Harney Tea company. Imagine my surprise (and glee).

In case you can't discern the message:

"Mr. Crowley - Allow the Harneys to suplicate themselves in appreciation of your fine taste."