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I'm just sorry I missed Blow Me Down.


On the road again

I've just finished another installment of truck travel. This one was 6 weeks.

Moving stuff to Maryland
7/28 - Athens, GA to Roanoke, VA
7/29 - Roanoke, VA to Gaithersburg, MD
7/30 - Gaithersburg, MD to Athens, GA

Bringing doors and trim to NOLA, John's Opening at White Linen night
8/5 - Athens, GA to New Orleans, LA -
8/6 - NOLA to Athens, GA

Moving me to Maryland. J flew into Athens on the 10th.
8/12 - AThens, GA to Atlanta, GA - Disassemble Kitchen in preparation for move
8/12 - Atlanta, GA to Roanoke, VA -- ( arrive Roanoke, VA 1am - ouch )
8/13 - Roanoke, VA to Washington, DC

This doesn't seem right? What did I do on the 19th/20th?

8/26-8/27 - KC was in DC, no long distance travel.

Go get the kitchen, bring it to NOLA
8/31 - DC to Roanoke, VA -
9/1 - Roanoke, VA to Athens, GA - by way of Gaffney, SC - pick up trailer. Lunch at Gillies in Blacksburg. Desert from Bollo's. Very tasty. Worth the 40 minute out of the way off 81.
9/2 - Athens, GA to Atlanta, GA - load kitchen cabinets, appliances, and countertops
9/2 - Atlanta, GA to Pascagoula, MS - sleep in rest stop overnight. Amazed at how comfortable bucket seats are. Sleep 8 hours!
9/3 - Pascagoula, MS to NOLA

Return to DC
9/9- NOLA to Roanoke, VA - 840 miles
9/10 Roanoke, VA to Washington DC, 200 miles - Stop at Meskere in Adams Morgan for J's birthday dinner. Spent 20 miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Do I have a life outside the truck? I can't believe people commute every day. http://www.carsarecoffins.org/