London Trip

Not too much jetlag. But plenty of coughing and sneezing. Jacqueline was sick before we left, and London's cold damp climate didn't help at all.

We went to the LSE several times, including for Dominique's Graduation. We went to the British Museum, and slid down slides at the Tate Modern.

A lot of the time there was spent in transit from place to place. The busses were great, frequently we sat on top and were able to take in the incredible architecture.

There are many photos here:

Arrival in Paddington after a ride on the Heathrow Express:


London Calling!

Departing for London today. I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures when we return.


Do you know what it means...

to miss New Orleans?

So it is Monday. I haven't had red beans and rice in a long time.