New sketch of front of house.

(updated 1.31.07)
Jacqueline did a great sketch of the front of McKenna St. There's still some work to be done on it, but check it out:


Ouch again.

I was wearing 661 knee/shin guards when I got this. The photo doesn't show it well, but there is bruising around the cut down to just above my ankle. I basically got jammed up at an obstacle, doing an endo, I fell over to my left side. My shin was the first thing that landed on anything, and it landed on a tree stump.

I was sick most of last week. I rode Gambrill state park again today. I didn't feel quite as bad as two weeks ago. But I didn't feel all that good, either. I felt like I had a little more jam for getting up hills and over obstacles.

I will ride tomorrow on the Lower Macgruder and Seneca Greenway trails: http://www.mcparkandplanning.org/trails/trails_maps/Seneca.shtm

They are not as difficult as Gambrill, so they'll make a good 2nd day of riding.


Hello Japan

I must admit, I waste a bit of time clicking "Next Blog".

( Tip - put a bookmark on your toolbar with the URL http://www.blogger.com/redirect/next_blog.pyra?navBar=true so you don't have to search for the "Next Blog" button on each page. )

I thought it was cool that my clustrmap shows a connection from Japan.

I can usually guess who connected from the location. But the notion of a complete stranger gawking at a photo of my big nose and red hair, or my parents, or the latest load of appliances I'm driving to New Orleans is nearly transcendental.

I doesn't supersede the feeling of sharing that I used to receive when a listener to WTUL would call and commend my selection. At WTUL I had a sense of separation from the broadcast. I felt like I was in a room playing records, and the notion that a people were listening to that music and being affected by it was so alien that I chose to attempt to ignore it rather than comprehend it.

My favorite call-in was the woman ( this was NOT the masturbation lady for you WTUL DJs, although she called me a lot ) who called me and told me that the set of music I had just played was perfect to masturbate to. I asked her what her name was. She wouldn't' tell me. I told her I would announce over the air that she approved of the selection. She kind of stammered. I almost wrote her phone number down from the caller ID. But I chose to allow the mystery to linger.

Like my Japanese visitor. Although I doubt my post about the detour through the Shenandoah 's Skyline drive inspired sexual arousal. I can enjoy the mystery of how my words and photos affected that stranger's perception of the world for one moment in time.


Return from Roanoke

Ready for more driving. I-81 Roanoke to Gaithersburg usually takes about 4.5 hours.

But, we decided to take the scenic route this time:

The views are beautiful. It was 65 degrees mid-January, unusual.

Trip to Roanoke

Saturday we drove the Chambers stove ( 1950's - Model B - $180 - great condition ) to Roanoke. Since we were on the way, we picked up a sliding glass door for J's mom ( $70 ).


Weak legs

Ouch. I just went for a ride in Gambrill State Park near Frederick, MD:
http://www.dnr.state.md.us/publiclands/western/gambrill.html Lots of rocky, technical, climbing and descending.

It completely kicked my ass. That's what I get for 5 weeks of no exercise.

The wheels I just got are good, but I need to adjust the wheel dish, because the chain line when in the granny gear rubs against the knobs of the rear tire on the drive side.


Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant

Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant

2531 Chain Bridge Rd
Vienna, VA



We went to New Orleans for "winter recess" to work on my house. There will be many many photos at my webpage www.crowleigh.com for perusal.